“Unemployed No More”

Two more nights to go and I’ll start working at the Loans Department of a financial institution. I am grateful and proud to say that my job is in-line with my course. And, I started searching for articles about do’s and don’ts during first day etc. since last week and I think I’m ready for it!

The employment process happened for almost two weeks and a lot of people told me that it was pretty fast. All of them were really happy for me and at the same time was really shocked. I wasn’t shocked but I was overwhelmed because some of my former classmates haven’t yet acquired a job. Yet here I am waiting for my first day on Wednesday. So it was a blessing for us.

Job Hunt 2015 was tough because right after graduation I started hunting for a job, dropped hundreds of resume’s to different companies, was texted for an exam and interviews. Everything was charged to experience, so ever since I started having exams and interviews. I was able to practice and hone the way an exam and interview would be conducted. I just want to know the process, from passing the exam till the interviews. But I have no plans to work yet because there was a scheduled vacation to other country and if there will be a job offer I won’t be able to continue the employment process.

June 8, 2015, I was back here in the Philippines. The next day I started hunting job right away and this time there will be no hesitations like the last time. So I drop my resume’s to different companies again, received texts and calls for an exam and interviews, went to the companies Head Office. Since I had the experience, I know the process. I kinda have sort-of idea about the exam and the interviews. I passed their exams and interviews. The first position that I’ve applied for is Restaurant Management Trainee, I passed but I wasn’t able to continue the pre-employment process. Because I also had the chance to take an exam at a financial institution. And I also passed the exam and interviews, but I didn’t expect that much from the company. So I waited for almost 5 days, and they called for the second interview. The second interview was a panel interview, I think it was compose of the team leader and the supervisor. The interview went smooth, I wasn’t that nervous at all but the questions are tough, you just have to circle it around and answer them honestly. After the interview, I went home. Then somebody called, it was the Department Head. She wanted me to go back on the next day for the Final Interview. The Final Interview was very smooth. And I didn’t expect that It was also the day of Job Offer.

Now, I am Unemployed No More. Living in a third world country such as the Philippines, Unemployment Rate is very high. It was a tough fight between fresh graduates for a vacant position in a company. A piece of advice for fresh graduates, if the Job Offer wasn’t that bad. Accept the Offer, do not be picky because you have a lot of competitors. At first, the salary wasn’t going to be that high because it was just an entry-level job, and you’re a rank-and-file employee. On the long-run, you will get a salary raise. And as a probationary employee, do not focus on the salary but focus on the job and tasks given in order for you to be regularized and have your salary increase.

That’s for all today, I hope you learn something. It’s been months. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share with you my work experiences. 🙂 Chao!


Job Hunt 2015 – BPI Head Office

It’s been months since I’ve posted an article here on my blog. So I would like to introduce a new segment, it is about my experiences during Job Hunting since I am a Fresh Graduate that seeks a suitable job in the industry. The articles are going to have on its title “Job Hunt – (insert title) So let’s start!

Earlier, we went at BPI Head Office to take our initial interview and pre-employment exams. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the first exam (Math Test to be exact). Applicants are time pressured, applicants will only have 10 min. to answer the set questions given. The basis of passing the exam is the scores, but I think its on how you answered the set of questions. Were you pressured? Able to fill up all the questions? Doesn’t leave any blank spaces?

It was my first time taking an exam on a bank so I’ll just charge it to my experiences. On the other hand, after the screening we went to different banks to drop by our resumes. So hopefully, I will be able to be text or called by those companies.

Job Hunting is really exhausting and you really have to spend much of your money, its expensive but that’s the point. You have to sacrifice sometimes. That’s all!

“The difference between an Acquaintance, Friend, True Friend”

We all have friends. Others have many while others have a few. In my twenty one years of existence. I’ve met lots of people. Based on my observations and experiences, some won’t treat you as a friend as much as you treat them as a friend. You thought you we’re friends to them but after all you are just an acquaintance. What is the difference of being an acquaintance, friend, and a true friend?

An Acquaintance is someone whom you can talk with everyday but don’t develop some intimate relationship like having to share some of your personal life. They don’t care about on how you look today, how you feel, how you perceive the world. You are just an acquaintance for a person if he approaches you if they need something or has a favor. Sometimes talk with you or ask something about upcoming events in school or work. Acquaintances also compose of friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, friends of your parents, friends of you relatives etc.


Some says if you’ve found a friend don’t ever let it go, it is equivalent to a treasure. A Friend is someone whom you can share your personal life with. He is also someone who is willing to help you on your concerns. The difference between a friend and an acquaintance is that friends care about you. They care about your life. You have a treasure and anytime it may develop into an intimate friend relationship. You can TRUST a friend and I am thankful for having such good friends, having to trust them genuinely.

A True friend is someone who you can really TRUST. No matter how long you’ve been away with this person, it feels like there’s no gap between you and that person. That’s the best thing that God have created.

“Birthday Greetings”

Have you ever greeted your friend on his birthday? I mean personally or you just have received a notification then posted a greeting on his wall, message him a happy birthday.

For me, I  would like to greet a friend personally. Because greeting people on their birthday is somewhat requires sincerity and not just you had greeted that person a happy birthday on his special day. Facebook is one of social media sites that sends you a notification about birthdays of your friends in Facebook. I just noticed that sincerity fades away as you post your greetings on their wall or message them. Some people posts “HBD”, “Heypii Beerday” etc.. especially here in my hometown. I am not against with that kind of greetings though. But for me, I don’t apply it for myself. Because I would like to preserve the sincerity of greeting the person on his special day.

Yesterday, I have attended a Debut of one of my friends here in our town homes. It was a great night for me. Wearing a polo-shirt, black slacks and a shining shimmering black shoes. I look great that night (I suppose). So I’m the only bachelor on our table because the other bachelors can’t go with us due to occupied time. Although I am the only bachelor on our group. It was a fun night, with laughs and story telling, you know a typical group of friends. I was one of the 18th roses of the beautiful debutante that night. So we danced then talk about our friend who’s unable to attend the party. It was my second time to attend a grand debut. So that’s it.

I have greeted the debutante a happy 18th birthday, sincerely which I really prefer to all the people in the world. But of course cause of the fast paced innovation of technology. Change is constant, so some may prefer and its ok to greet their friends online. It depends but still for me, greeting the person personally is the best better yet if not, send them a cards via post office. 🙂


It’s been almost four years since I entered college. Taking up a business course major in finance! Wow. Just W-O-W. From a vocational course as a Graphic artist to a bachelors degree as a soon to be Chief financial officer. When I was on my middle school, I never thought of taking up business courses. I usually tell other people that I wanted to take up a course related to engineering especially Computer Science. Well, that was my dream-course. I always tell myself that “I am going to be an Engineer”…

I even took up College Entrance Test in a University at Manila to test my luck to be part of a university. It was a university, a home for engineering courses. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the required points for computer science course but I was on the waiting list which I was given the chance to choose from the other courses offered.

Sometimes we have to do sacrifices for the better good. – Guy

Luckily, I passed on a College Entrance Test where all students are scholars of the city. So here I was currently enrolled taking up the said course. I get to enjoy most of the time without worrying about tuition fees because the College was sponsored by the city. We have no problem in terms of paying tuition fees every semester, so we are kind of lucky I suppose. But of course we need to provide ourselves our uniform and other miscellaneous expenses up to our graduation.

Now, I enjoy studying business course. Financial Management is a course where challenges you to be that kind of person who makes wise decisions. It’s part of our job. Not only be good in calculations but also on how you analyze things deriving a very concrete decisions considering all the factors that might took place. I felt like I was destined to take up this course. I dunno, I am happy whenever I read articles about business. It feeds my mind. It made me more knowledgeable in terms of being part of a business.

I really hope that someday I get to acquire a suitable job that is related to Finance. I really hope so. I am praying to God!


It happened last Tuesday. It was the day to defend our Term Paper. It was a successful defense to all the groups. Our group was quoted to have the best paper among the other groups. It was flattering. Being the leader of the group which has the best paper among all quite boosts my self-esteem towards my academics.. I also got the highest score among the class on our Final Exam. It was an achievement because it is a rare event of my life..

I have no intention to boast all of this things. I hope to inspire other people who undergoes the same thing, challenges and tasks in work or in school. While doing the Term Paper, we didn’t thought that it’s going to be the best among all the groups. Well, maybe at the back of my mind I sometime thought of to get the highest grade for the paper. But that’s not the main goal. Our main goal is to do the paper well and not to piss off our Professor. We wanted her to see the paper neat and knowledgeable. We just did our thing. Term Papers needed to be direct to the point. It doesn’t need to have a lot of gimmickry upon presenting it to class. It requires simplicity. The objective of doing a term paper is to compliment with the implication that your study has. That’s just it. It doesn’t require anything just simplicity.

I was quoted by my Professor to be “A Revelation”. Since I got the highest grade on our Final exam and having the best paper among the groups in our class. As I said, this was one of the rare events of my academic life. I didn’t thought of being the best while taking the exam and doing the paper. I didn’t expect that this will be the end-result to all of my hard works. Inside me was a really happy kid.

Don’t aim to be the best, aim to do your best – Guy

Writing 101 Day Five : Be Brief

You stumble upon a random letter on the path. You read it. It affects you deeply, and you wish it could be returned to the person to which it’s addressed. Write a story about this encounter.

Today’s twist: Approach this post in as few words as possible.


What if we stumble upon a letter coming from God? What if you read it and you were shocked that it was addressed to you but it was never delivered on your mail box? It says on the mail:

Hi Guy,

How are you?

Best Regards,


The story about the encounter is yours to fill up. We have different point of views. Its yours now. I am open for comments below!