Writing 101 Day Two : A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

Heidelberg, GermanyIt was my first international flight. I remember the nervous I had by the time my Father dropped me at the Airport. Carrying an instruction printed on a short bond paper, containing all the details and the dos and donts of my trip. And I also have my carry-on luggage, a bag pack and a small bag (which contains the passport and the plane ticket). I have 16 hours left to reach the place. Looking over the plane window realizing that I was up high and on top most of the earth.

If only I had the power to go somewhere, faster than the speed of light? I would go to Germany. Alright, the land of Germany. It is such a great place! A really great place. It was different, It really was. I am lucky to stepped on this land.

It felt like I was inside of a Painting, the one that was hanged on the wall. If you know what I mean.


Wherever I look in different direction, I always feel like that. The trees, the blue sky, the lakes, the mountains. Everything! I’ve asked myself If I was on the reality and not on a Painting? It was a place that you cannot imagine that Global Warming was happening. The cool breeze, clean air and good and happy people. A good place to live in. If I am going to sum up my stay there, in my whole life. I stayed in for almost two and a half month. And on that two and a half month of my life, I felt peace in my heart, in my mind and in my soul. I am not saying that I never felt it here in my hometown. It was really overwhelming when you go to different places. It is amazing how God created this world with such beautiful places. Like, where did he get the idea of putting this up and that. You know? It was just amazing!

In this place, I’ve built a dream or wishful thinking that someday I would be staying here, that I would bring my family here on this wonderful place. It was a great challenge for me. It will really test my eagerness to succeed in life. That dream has never faded, it exists until now.


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