It’s been almost four years since I entered college. Taking up a business course major in finance! Wow. Just W-O-W. From a vocational course as a Graphic artist to a bachelors degree as a soon to be Chief financial officer. When I was on my middle school, I never thought of taking up business courses. I usually tell other people that I wanted to take up a course related to engineering especially Computer Science. Well, that was my dream-course. I always tell myself that “I am going to be an Engineer”…

I even took up College Entrance Test in a University at Manila to test my luck to be part of a university. It was a university, a home for engineering courses. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the required points for computer science course but I was on the waiting list which I was given the chance to choose from the other courses offered.

Sometimes we have to do sacrifices for the better good. – Guy

Luckily, I passed on a College Entrance Test where all students are scholars of the city. So here I was currently enrolled taking up the said course. I get to enjoy most of the time without worrying about tuition fees because the College was sponsored by the city. We have no problem in terms of paying tuition fees every semester, so we are kind of lucky I suppose. But of course we need to provide ourselves our uniform and other miscellaneous expenses up to our graduation.

Now, I enjoy studying business course. Financial Management is a course where challenges you to be that kind of person who makes wise decisions. It’s part of our job. Not only be good in calculations but also on how you analyze things deriving a very concrete decisions considering all the factors that might took place. I felt like I was destined to take up this course. I dunno, I am happy whenever I read articles about business. It feeds my mind. It made me more knowledgeable in terms of being part of a business.

I really hope that someday I get to acquire a suitable job that is related to Finance. I really hope so. I am praying to God!


Senior College

This will be my last year in College. Some schools here in the Philippines will resume classes this coming Monday. While our school will resume next Monday, time really flies so fast. It feels like it was just yesterday when we’re as Freshmen’s. I remember breaking a chair on one of the eating place in our school because I was really that heavy. I was overweight though. I weigh 95 kg. and some of my friends thought me to be a Gangster because I wear very loose shirts when there is an event at school. I don’t really know how or when did I start loosing weight, it just happened. One day I woke up realizing that I am loosing weight. Now, I weigh 69 kg. I really lose a lot of fats in my body. I am now confident to sit on the chairs at the canteens at school and of course the thought that I was a Gangster remained as a memory. I can now walk confidently to our corridors with no worries that someone will look at me as a fat and a cute big guy (Just kidding).

I also remember when we had our Speech Choir, we have to wear this outfit that the other armpit was exposed when you raise your arm. I really don’t have a white and clean looking armpit way back that time. ┬áIts a mess. (SPG) But that moment when we are on stage I ignored every single negative thoughts in my mind on how they are going to think of about me. Then we Won the competition, bringing home the trophy was the happiest moment of my life when I was in my Freshmen days. The sacrifice that I did with my armpit is a success and worthy (Just kidding again). And of course my armpit now is good looking like me. No trace at all. No. Trace. At. All.

We are now Seniors and next year we are going to graduate, hopefully. This will be my last year so I will really do my best and to really exert more effort studying my lessons and having good scores on exams.

I encourage all Seniors to be at your best this last academic year. Not only here in the Philippines but also overseas. Good luck everyone!