“The difference between an Acquaintance, Friend, True Friend”

We all have friends. Others have many while others have a few. In my twenty one years of existence. I’ve met lots of people. Based on my observations and experiences, some won’t treat you as a friend as much as you treat them as a friend. You thought you we’re friends to them but after all you are just an acquaintance. What is the difference of being an acquaintance, friend, and a true friend?

An Acquaintance is someone whom you can talk with everyday but don’t develop some intimate relationship like having to share some of your personal life. They don’t care about on how you look today, how you feel, how you perceive the world. You are just an acquaintance for a person if he approaches you if they need something or has a favor. Sometimes talk with you or ask something about upcoming events in school or work. Acquaintances also compose of friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, friends of your parents, friends of you relatives etc.


Some says if you’ve found a friend don’t ever let it go, it is equivalent to a treasure. A Friend is someone whom you can share your personal life with. He is also someone who is willing to help you on your concerns. The difference between a friend and an acquaintance is that friends┬ácare about you. They care about your life. You have a treasure and anytime it may develop into an intimate friend relationship. You can TRUST a friend and I am thankful for having such good friends, having to trust them genuinely.

A True friend is someone who you can really TRUST. No matter how long you’ve been away with this person, it feels like there’s no gap between you and that person. That’s the best thing that God have created.