“Birthday Greetings”

Have you ever greeted your friend on his birthday? I mean personally or you just have received a notification then posted a greeting on his wall, message him a happy birthday.

For me, I  would like to greet a friend personally. Because greeting people on their birthday is somewhat requires sincerity and not just you had greeted that person a happy birthday on his special day. Facebook is one of social media sites that sends you a notification about birthdays of your friends in Facebook. I just noticed that sincerity fades away as you post your greetings on their wall or message them. Some people posts “HBD”, “Heypii Beerday” etc.. especially here in my hometown. I am not against with that kind of greetings though. But for me, I don’t apply it for myself. Because I would like to preserve the sincerity of greeting the person on his special day.

Yesterday, I have attended a Debut of one of my friends here in our town homes. It was a great night for me. Wearing a polo-shirt, black slacks and a shining shimmering black shoes. I look great that night (I suppose). So I’m the only bachelor on our table because the other bachelors can’t go with us due to occupied time. Although I am the only bachelor on our group. It was a fun night, with laughs and story telling, you know a typical group of friends. I was one of the 18th roses of the beautiful debutante that night. So we danced then talk about our friend who’s unable to attend the party. It was my second time to attend a grand debut. So that’s it.

I have greeted the debutante a happy 18th birthday, sincerely which I really prefer to all the people in the world. But of course cause of the fast paced innovation of technology. Change is constant, so some may prefer and its ok to greet their friends online. It depends but still for me, greeting the person personally is the best better yet if not, send them a cards via post office. 🙂