“Unemployed No More”

Two more nights to go and I’ll start working at the Loans Department of a financial institution. I am grateful and proud to say that my job is in-line with my course. And, I started searching for articles about do’s and don’ts during first day etc. since last week and I think I’m ready for it!

The employment process happened for almost two weeks and a lot of people told me that it was pretty fast. All of them were really happy for me and at the same time was really shocked. I wasn’t shocked but I was overwhelmed because some of my former classmates haven’t yet acquired a job. Yet here I am waiting for my first day on Wednesday. So it was a blessing for us.

Job Hunt 2015 was tough because right after graduation I started hunting for a job, dropped hundreds of resume’s to different companies, was texted for an exam and interviews. Everything was charged to experience, so ever since I started having exams and interviews. I was able to practice and hone the way an exam and interview would be conducted. I just want to know the process, from passing the exam till the interviews. But I have no plans to work yet because there was a scheduled vacation to other country and if there will be a job offer I won’t be able to continue the employment process.

June 8, 2015, I was back here in the Philippines. The next day I started hunting job right away and this time there will be no hesitations like the last time. So I drop my resume’s to different companies again, received texts and calls for an exam and interviews, went to the companies Head Office. Since I had the experience, I know the process. I kinda have sort-of idea about the exam and the interviews. I passed their exams and interviews. The first position that I’ve applied for is Restaurant Management Trainee, I passed but I wasn’t able to continue the pre-employment process. Because I also had the chance to take an exam at a financial institution. And I also passed the exam and interviews, but I didn’t expect that much from the company. So I waited for almost 5 days, and they called for the second interview. The second interview was a panel interview, I think it was compose of the team leader and the supervisor. The interview went smooth, I wasn’t that nervous at all but the questions are tough, you just have to circle it around and answer them honestly. After the interview, I went home. Then somebody called, it was the Department Head. She wanted me to go back on the next day for the Final Interview. The Final Interview was very smooth. And I didn’t expect that It was also the day of Job Offer.

Now, I am Unemployed No More. Living in a third world country such as the Philippines, Unemployment Rate is very high. It was a tough fight between fresh graduates for a vacant position in a company. A piece of advice for fresh graduates, if the Job Offer wasn’t that bad. Accept the Offer, do not be picky because you have a lot of competitors. At first, the salary wasn’t going to be that high because it was just an entry-level job, and you’re a rank-and-file employee. On the long-run, you will get a salary raise. And as a probationary employee, do not focus on the salary but focus on the job and tasks given in order for you to be regularized and have your salary increase.

That’s for all today, I hope you learn something. It’s been months. Hopefully, I’ll be able to share with you my work experiences. 🙂 Chao!


Writing 101 Day One : Unlocking the Mind


Yeah, I have lots of random thoughts. Philippines, a tropical country. We are now experiencing a very hot weather. The highest temp. that was recorded was 40. We just can’t get enough. Then after a month or so there will be rain and lots of rain pouring over the city of Manila then to provinces. Now, there’s a thunderstorm. I wonder how people over the past deals with the weather. How they will know if a storm is coming or how do they prepare for it? Like to other countries who has four seasons, how do they prepare for the winter way back then? I just observed that people’s level of preparedness depends on the weather of his Country. Because you know, preparing for winter is such a difficult task because you have to buy lots of goods, store it in the fridge cause you can no longer go outside and go to convenience store to buy something you need. Unlike in the tropical country even though its raining, you can use the parasol but that if there is no flood. See?

I wonder if there are Filipinos who registered here. Hmmm.