Job Hunt 2015 – BPI Head Office

It’s been months since I’ve posted an article here on my blog. So I would like to introduce a new segment, it is about my experiences during Job Hunting since I am a Fresh Graduate that seeks a suitable job in the industry. The articles are going to have on its title “Job Hunt – (insert title) So let’s start!

Earlier, we went at BPI Head Office to take our initial interview and pre-employment exams. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass the first exam (Math Test to be exact). Applicants are time pressured, applicants will only have 10 min. to answer the set questions given. The basis of passing the exam is the scores, but I think its on how you answered the set of questions. Were you pressured? Able to fill up all the questions? Doesn’t leave any blank spaces?

It was my first time taking an exam on a bank so I’ll just charge it to my experiences. On the other hand, after the screening we went to different banks to drop by our resumes. So hopefully, I will be able to be text or called by those companies.

Job Hunting is really exhausting and you really have to spend much of your money, its expensive but that’s the point. You have to sacrifice sometimes. That’s all!