It happened last Tuesday. It was the day to defend our Term Paper. It was a successful defense to all the groups. Our group was quoted to have the best paper among the other groups. It was flattering. Being the leader of the group which has the best paper among all quite boosts my self-esteem towards my academics.. I also got the highest score among the class on our Final Exam. It was an achievement because it is a rare event of my life..

I have no intention to boast all of this things. I hope to inspire other people who undergoes the same thing, challenges and tasks in work or in school. While doing the Term Paper, we didn’t thought that it’s going to be the best among all the groups. Well, maybe at the back of my mind I sometime thought of to get the highest grade for the paper. But that’s not the main goal. Our main goal is to do the paper well and not to piss off our Professor. We wanted her to see the paper neat and knowledgeable. We just did our thing. Term Papers needed to be direct to the point. It doesn’t need to have a lot of gimmickry upon presenting it to class. It requires simplicity. The objective of doing a term paper is to compliment with the implication that your study has. That’s just it. It doesn’t require anything just simplicity.

I was quoted by my Professor to be “A Revelation”. Since I got the highest grade on our Final exam and having the best paper among the groups in our class. As I said, this was one of the rare events of my academic life. I didn’t thought of being the best while taking the exam and doing the paper. I didn’t expect that this will be the end-result to all of my hard works. Inside me was a really happy kid.

Don’t aim to be the best, aim to do your best – Guy